A Pavilion Without Pavilion

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A Pop up Pavilion/Pavilion without Pavilion/Virtual Pavilion.


Performance art as a part of everyday life with cultural, social and particularly political interaction and participation in real life and actual situation. There will be 8 performances which are new and will not be the same performances. The performances will happen approximately once a week during BANGKOK BIENNIAL from July to September 2018.

Venues: Public spaces (Siam center, Victory monument, Democracy monument, BACC, Streets in Bangkok, Pier along Chao Phraya River, Hua Lamphong Railway Station, on motorcycle taxi, etc.) and gallery spaces (Speedy Grandma, Artist+Run Gallery and Atta gallery)

Pop up Pavilion for performance is to be announced for each performance during Bangkok Biennial (July-September 2018), however Virtual Pavilion on internet and social media will be run indefinitely.



IG:timnotjust, IDLine:tim-thailand