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 a group exhibition

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American Airlines Flight 11 crashed itself into the north tower of the world trade center at 8:46:40 am on Sept 11, 2001, 17 years ago. This year the date happens to fall on a tuesday, as it did in 2001

Disasterism is a group exhibition which seeks to address this spectacular disaster thru various means of recollection and reinterpretation, abstractions displaced in disparate locations - New York, Switzerland, and Bangkok.

The timeline of the original event is used as a template to coincide with the memorial ceremony of the attack in New York broadcast on CNN, which is incorporated as artist content.

This is not a straightforward memorial, & in our fantasies and fancies we are not obliged to attend the ceremony politely. *“ In this disaster movie of Manhattan...the symbolic collapse of a whole system came about by an unpredictable complicity, as though the towers, by collapsing on their own, by committing suicide, had joined in to round off the event”

contributing artists: Rapat Bunduwanich, Jeff Gompertz, Mark Hungerbuhler, Mila Suki

Disasterism is a project within the American Pavilion at Bangkok Biennial.

  • The spirit of Terrorism - Jean Baudrillard


Red White & Blue

a pavilion that happen already/never happen
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Red White & Blue is an online pavilion, being the case that the works created for the Pavilion have already been dismantled, and/or destroyed. It exists now as an archive of a room of works that takes as a starting point the fancy that an imaginary artist was chosen to represent the United States at a Thailand Biennial...what would that artist create?

The works included a skeletal abstraction on the American flag, a white on white composition constructed out of drop ceiling panels, a forlorn disco ball, a fluorescent cross, a scale model of the Twin Towers. These items serve as a collection of symbols / signifiers that point to a contemporary understanding and interpretation of America. Red white and Blue uses the reference of these colors to the American flag and the inherent coincidence of the colors having similar significance in Thailand.

American Pavilion

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