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BARRAK in Bangkok: “survibes”

“Barrak” is an Artist-Run Space located in Okinawa island where is the Southern part of Japan. The BARRAK focus on making a space to provide platform for artists/people’s network by hosting exhibition, talk-event, screening for people living in here and people who visiting to Okinawa since 2014. The meaning of the “Barrak(Barrack)” comes from a “Hut” built by people who survive the war when after the WWⅡ in Okinawa. We think that people as the artists, have to continue to create the thing to survive as the situation demands and changing of the world.

This time in BANGKOK BIENNIAL 2018, the BARRAK Pavilion will bring the temporary screening event during 14th -16th September as a reports of “BARRAK Independent” that an exhibition opened on June, 2018 in BARRAK Okinawa. And will open a one-day Artist sessions/Screening event by other participants on September 2018 in several place. Members of BARRAK and previous exhibition




Venue: Tentative, *We are finding a Venue now,

Period: During the middle of August to September, Core Term will be on 14th Fri - 16th Sun, September 2018

Participants Artists

Takamaru Tetsuka+BARRAK Independent

BARRAK(Only in Japanese):

BARRAK Independent (Only in Japanese):

Kaori Takagi


Takuro Kotaka

Curator : Haruka Iharada




Haruka Iharada: