BB Karaokeshitmachine

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BB Karaokeshitmachine presents a tasting menu of post-modern karaoke mashups birthed from the flotsam of the interweb. Youtube cover songs meet google translated lyrics and the visual glory of royalty-free stock video footage, hosted in the parallel universe of a Bangkok karaoke bar. Be warned: you'll have to sing it to see it.

The BB Karaokeshitmachine project exists at the intersection of internet art, video art and participatory performance. It takes one of Bangkok's favourite nocturnal past times (karaoke) and reimagines the karaoke video format as a medium for nonsensical narratives influenced by google algorithms and stock video footage. The project aims to blur the lines between visual art and Bangkok reality by presenting work outside of the traditional gallery space, asking viewers to visit and participate in local Bangkok spaces in order to view the work.

Curator: Mike Rossi