BangMod Canal international Art Project in Communities (BCiAPC)

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Artist & Researcher Residencies. Public Participative Art WITH residents. Cross and Inter-disciplinary public art. Artist, Thatree Pokawanich aka Doey, public and community art director of 3C project will lead this pilot phase of a 3 years public art program with residencies and Open Call. BCiAPC is situated in Thung Khru district, one of the largest municipal in southern Bangkok in term of an area but less densely populated and close to the coast. This district does not resemble the Bangkok known to outsiders, without tourist attraction, hotel, mass transport system, are part city, part suburb and part countryside with on-going agriculture and fish farm activities. One of the main public attraction is the open air market in Wat Phuttabucha, opens 3 to 4 days weekly (main days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). The Wat also house a community learning centre managed by the local small business and agriculture group. This district includes various vibrant NGOs, a large Muslim community with more than 10 mosques, various markets and as an educational hub with the Islamic College of Thailand, the established King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), different colleges and concept schools. BCIAPC is conceived under 3C project who convene the BangMod Creative Community Festival, the 2nd event was held in December 2017, includes participation and collaboration with more than 29 local NGOs, religious and community groups. This event which includes a canal run on the 10th Dec. is situated in 5 zones along a 3 km stretch of the BangMod canal in Thung Khru. The festival also include the 2nd People centred process conference convene by Jay Koh , director of ARC BangMod station (Art, Research & Collaboration) and author of Art-Led Participative Processes), Jay is working as consultant to this project and providing support to host foreign artists and researchers.

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BCiAPC is funded by independent Thai Health Promotion Foundation, in promoting health and empowerment for individuals and society.


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Curatorial Statement

This durational project concerns the public art creation and residency program for foreign and Thai artists. One of the main processes are centered on the rationale behind the durational engaging public participative art, research and collaborative project to promote people-centeredness such as, building relationship and ownership with the residents and communities in Thung Khru’s Bangmot canal zone. This public durational art program aims to explore holistic and ethical processes to nurture health activities, collaboration and build sustainability with residents and stakeholders. ARC station and 3C are constantly nurturing collaborations across disciplines and sectors, present partners are different departments in KMUTT (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi) working on projects to respond to environmental, artistic and communities’ issues.

Public News & Info


ARE you interested to work with local residents to create a piece of public participatory art??? We have limited and funded slots. Please contact us.

Participating Artists & Groups

Playdepot - Hong Kong, Leung Mee Ping

Zun Ei Phyu

Sandar Khaing

Jay Koh

Fang-Yi, Yang(Fay)

Thatree Pokawanich

Mae Aguinaldo-Mapa

Natalia Ludmila

Mink Chokchaichutikul 

Pavilion's curator

Thatree Pokawanich and Jay Koh [1] (foreign participants and cross/inter-disciplinary project)

Venue and dates

BangMot Creative Community Festival, annually in December.

BangMot canal zone, ThungKhru, Bangkok

April 2018 - March 2019

appointment and all day public viewing

Info point

Cafe CanDo, Pracha Uthit Soi 47, 634/14, ThungKhru, Bangkok

Contact Tel. 081-8689489

Thatree Pokawanich 354/30 BudhaBucha Rd.,Bangmod,Chomthong,Bangkok.10150