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Since 2008, Camping Akademie e.V. by the two Berlin based artists Christine Falk (painting) and Alfred Banze (media art) makes participatory art projects. Without a fixed location, they develop thematic exhibitions, symposia, workshops, talks and performances with and for participating artists in Berlin and worldwide, often in emerging and developing countries. Since 2004 they make art projects in Thailand.

Curatorial Statement

SOCIAL PLASTIC - A Community Art project, cooperation of "Camping Akademie e.V.“, Germany, "Jatiwangi Art Factory" Indonesia, & "Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture" Thailand. In the spirit of Joseph Beuys´ concept of „Soziale Plastik“, „Social Plastic“ is an experiment on collective art production, community art, sub-cultural/social processes; all focused on the theme of environment protection: How can (isolated) local communities deal independently with the plastic waste? The project takes place at a local food market of Nong Pho, a small town at the National Highway, it involves residents, local cultural and environment activists, monks. It includes meetings/talks, performances, DIY workshops and a project website.


Alfred Banze & Christine Falk

SOCIAL PLASTIC takes place in Nongpo, Ratchaburi District, in cooperation with the artist initiatives "Baan Noorg Art & Culture" from Thailand and "Jatiwangi Art Factory" from Indonesia.

15 September - 15 December 2018