Candy Bird

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A Cheap Black Poem

Single-channel video/ 7'14/ 2018

During year 2011 to 2014, a large number of old residential buildings were knocked down, and residents were forced evicted for the sake of public interests in Taipei and also all over Taiwan. “Wen-Lin Court” was one of the well-known cases among them. Based on this background, Candy Bird uses graffiti and videos, combining with his fiction of diary from a cat’s perspective, to review the process of erasing the history of individuals from group due to “public interests”.

The cat’s diary is inspired by a missing pet cat of his friend Huang Hui-yu. Huang used to be a member of “Taiwan Alliance for Victims of Urban Renewal” and she actively participated in the protest. Photos in the video provided by Huang Hui-yu, Zhong Sheng-Hsiung and Chen You-wei.

Born. 1982, bases in Taipei, Taiwan

Candy Bird is a Taiwanese street artist whose works of art are hidden on the corners of the streets, ruins or private spaces in Taiwan and other countries. His recently exhibitions including What a Neat Painting at Liang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan in 2018, Remove Bombs at Art Cocktail, Osaka, Japan in 2017; selected group exhibitions are Still waters run deep at Kaohsiung museum of fine art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2018, Koganecho Bazaar at Koganecho art center, Yokohama, Japan in 2017 and Asia Art Biennial at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan in 2013.