Curated Memories

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Curated memories.jpg

These are foreign yet familiar scenes, witnessed as an observer and an accomplice, where memory, it seems might have ceased to be desirable.

These images are not meant to be; the instant film negative is to be discarded to keep only the print. Yet, I seem to insist on keeping the unstable part, more prone to damage and involuntary marks of time, leaving further room for chance to intervene. This fragile instant film emulsion is often further subjected to chaotic darkroom experiments.

It is probably a refusal of memory, certainly a reflection of complex feelings about a sense of belonging, home, exile, even reality. The images present themselves as an odd, convenient, and at times rather comical opportunity to re-invent an exile’s story in this city, Bangkok.

Participating Artist: Cedric Arnold


Banana Press, 38-42 Soi Nana, Chinatown