Chang Yun-han

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Plastic Surgery Project

2 channels video/ 13’11”/ 2013

Venus, as we copythis image of beauty that visualized before Christ in female form, we also practice to reproduce the real and beauty. If this standard practice (of producing beauty) encounters the contemporary art, would either of them be any different?

Or, if we look at how art is perceived at all time and in all places, how art is portrayed within our constant debate, we can re-recognize how the external force that we labor in our construction of the concept of art.

A plastic surgeon somehow can be the double of a sculptor in terms of what they do: they reshape things they see according to their personal taste and the received standard.

Born. 1985, bases in Taipei, Taiwan

Chang's practice has been focusing on the presence of everyday life, and her works reflected the subtle invisibility in the surrounding to explore those common experiences and borders that were waiting to be named. Her solo exhibitions including New Direction, Chang Yun-Han at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China in 2018, A Part of It at Residency Unlimited, New York in 2017, You Are Not What You Think You Are solo exhibition at Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taiwan in 2015; group exhibitions such as 2010 Taipei Biennial at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan in 2010.