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Curatorial Statement

“It’s so dreadful to look at your own confusion and understand it.” – Ingmar Bergman

Adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxycontin, vasopressin. A heady cocktail. And while the function of neurotransmitters in the brain is not yet fully scientifically understood, the symptoms of addictive patterns are blisteringly evident.

Hijacking our innate neurological programming, neurotransmitter-driven seeking/feedback loops are destroying our focus and the fabric of our society – feeding an unquenchable thirst – in an unconscious pandemic we’re all party to. Resisting a craving to a substance that’s possible to physically put down poses an extraordinary, but surmountable challenge; developing a dependence to the ubiquitous is a quandary with seemingly no escape.

Money, fame, food, Facebook, fantasy, selfies, series, social media, sugar, gaming, gossip, love, lust, work, war, pain, power. The list is without end – and so is the condition.

In A Glass Darkly touches on the insanely incessant and at times bewildering fathomable nature of the seemingly innocuous but powerfully insidious process addiction. Tracking viscerally the potent mental obsession and the physical compulsion, the pathological pursuit of reward and/or relief and the subsequent withdrawal, In A Glass Darkly exposes the bleak core of what lies beneath: very much a universal psycho-spiritual malady and arguably the most pervasive affliction of our generation.

Participating Artists



Darkle's Den + a series of public/private hospitals

Opening: 30.06.2018

Time: 18:00

And then by appointment on the 02.07.2018 + 03.07.2018