Fan Hsiao-lan

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A Gump

single-channel video/ 8’32”/ 2010

A Gump is a military fanatic and a diagnosed psychiatric patient suffering from severe paranoia. He confuses delusion with reality and believes he is under the threat of terrorism and political oppression. In the video, “A Gump” serves as the starting point for imagination, creating a strange psychedelic scene. Edited fragments of A Gump's daily conversation were compiled into a statement. With the appearance of “A Gump,” the background music and the "a Gump" is no longer "A Gump" in reality, but alludes to a difference in the mental state, staggering in between monologue, the waver of light and shade creates bewildering shadows and silhouettes which raised blur line of fantasy and reality. The normal and the (mentally) abnormal, the artist and the beholder, the community art space and the vicinity.

Born. 1974, bases in Taipei, Taiwan

Fan’s solo exhibitions including The Bay at Whitireia Media Training Center, Wellington, New Zealand and Inevitable Vibrations at Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan in 2012; group exhibitions including Taiwan Calling-The Phantom of Liberty/Elusive Island at Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary in 2010, 57th Oberhausen short film Festival at Oberhausen, Germany in 2011, and MAKE SENSE at Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan in 2015