Fang-Yi, Yang(Fay)

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Fang-Yi, Yang(Fay)

b. 1978 Miaoli City, Taiwan Fang-Yi Yang(Fay) was born in Miaoli City, Taiwan. She received her BA from Ming Chuan University, TW and MA from Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Fay cares about how the plastic products affect our lives. Her practices reflect on comparison between new and old, convenient and unreachable. She develops the workshop of plastic bag weaving to reuse the material and encourage people not to use it. We always heard that someday the plastic bottles will be more than fish, but we cannot imagine. What if someday there are no wood and no other materials but only plastic around? Our ancestors can live without “convenience” while we are addicted to it nowadays. Fay would like to understand more living style in the old days and do the comparison. She now focus on a weaving project which to invite participants to bring a small furniture or object that probably isn’t needed anymore and cover it all around with plastic bag by weaving. Weaving is an old, gentle, generous skill that can make you calm and make your mind clear. Weaving is not just an action, but also a process of thinking and discussing, binding the ideas together, experiencing the past, the present and the future.

Education 2004-2006 Master of Arts Management, Anglia Ruskin University, UK 1996-2000 Department of Commercial Design, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Exhibitions 2018 Banner KELP FOREST, Taoyuan Agriculture Expo, Taiwan 2018 Classical Taiwan Banner Catering──Upcycle art, National Taiwan Science Educaitona Center, Taiwan 2017 Taiwan Banner exhibition──『Let’s GO Catering & Bando!』,Xinfu Market, Taiwan 2017 Music Trash Wall, Be a Sound Maker, Green Ripples Fesitival, Taichung, Taiwan

2016 Plastic Together-Standing On Two Sides, Creative Reuse Center, Taipei, Taiwan 2015 Tinkering Party and Maker Exhibition, Creative Reuse Center, Taipei, Taiwan 2015 Play with Arts on the Roof, Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2015 Music+Theater= AM Art for FUN?, Huashan1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan 2013 435? Paint/Sing/Jump with ARTS, Banciao 435 Art District, Taiwan

Experience Aritst and Curator, TW Youth Zero Waste Project Secrectary General, Beautiful Taiwan Non-Governmental Organization Curator, Taiwan Banner Bag Project Art Teacher and Curator, Creative Reuse Center, Lovely Taiwan Foundation Consultant, Fantasy kids - Amusement & Theme Park Visiting Lecturer, SHU-TE University Educational Programmer, JUMING Museum and Foundation Performing Art Educational Programmer and Curator, AM Creative Public Art Project Planner, Taipei Naitonal University of the Arts Secretary of the Board, XUE XUE INSTITUTE Educational Programmer, Taishin Bank Doundation for Arts and Culture Museum Educator assistance, Cambridge & County Folk Museum Art Administrator, AKI Gallery Designer and Art Editor, Taipei Walker KADOKAWA Taiwan Media ● 地球日綠色行動市集在四四南村登場創意綠生活方案大集結 ● 下腳料.瑕疵品回收 化身環保創意童玩 ● 竹圍工作室×亞洲藝術文獻庫:台灣藝術環境教育圓桌會議 ● 垃圾變寶藏 再生藝術工坊落腳空總 ● 【響應 629 世界工業設計日系列活動 】敲敲打打 x 再生藝術工坊 x 瓦楞紙創作系列 ● Fight For Future:2050,我們還有濕地嗎? ● 廢料也能變藝術!「435 再生藝術美學體驗營」 藝術家與孩子的再生創意成果發表 ● 小學生秀創意 自製服裝走秀

● 敲敲打打 x 再生藝術工作坊瓦楞紙創作系列楊芳宜