Flowing on the Verge of Margins

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Flowing on the Verge of Margins (FoVoM) is the public participative art platform of a cross/inter-disciplinary project between Micheal Buser (PhD, Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments, University of West of England, Bristol), Butsawan Bidorn (PhD, Department of Water Resource Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok) and Jay Koh (DFA, artist-curator, Director of iFIMA-international Forum for InterMedia Art). This pilot project in 2018 is funded by an innovation and 'frontier' program of the British Academy.

Curatorial Statement

This public participative art explores the interconnections, collaborations and relationships of knowledge and experience in social and natural sciences, engineering and coastal management, with the genres of public, socially engaged and community art. These art activities are curated by Jay Koh, who applies the constructive dynamic of artistic, holistic and ethical approaches and processes related to various people-centred concepts, one of which is the Art-Led Participative Processes (ALPP)[1] to work with residents and stakeholders in one or more of the sites in the coastal region in the Gulf of Thailand. ALPP employ the dynamic of engaged listening and self-determined participation to develop relationships with residents and stakeholders. These interactions as participative processes explore the constructions of individual subjectivity within situations in the everyday. These include understanding residents' capacity for resilience and their sense of participation toward collaborative and community activities. The first workshop will be conducted on the 8th May (by invitation only) in Ban Khun Samut Chin [2] follow by a second workshop in November together with an art exhibition in Chulalongkorn University. The initial research phase begins in January to April, participative artistic activities with local residents begin in June to October to explore sustainable collaborations. These results will be discussed in the workshop/seminar and shown in the exhibition in November.

Participating Artists

1st Workshop & Seminar in Ban Khun Samut Chin, 8th May.

Mee Ping Leung, Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, Thatree Pokawanich, Wijitra Tretrakul and others.

artist-curator [Jay Koh]

Recent sites visits


Venues & Dates

Villages in the Gulf of Thailand, TBC

2018 January - April : Research and interactions with residents and stakeholders.

1st workshop and seminar (invitation only), 8th May, Ban Khun Samut Chin, Samut Prakan, Gulf of Thailand.

June- October: Interactions, participative art activities and productions.

Final workshop and seminar with exhibition : November, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok


OPEN CALL for training and jobs in internships and cross-disciplinary artist-researcher. https://web.facebook.com/events/407658696327987/permalink/426451094448747/




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