Free Translation Agency (FTA)

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Pavilion Description

FTA is an online pavilion for Thailand’s first biennale boom. It is a free translation platform for artists and art aficionados supporting the maybe-needed translation/interpretation service for this biennale period. The pavilion welcomes anyone to submit any language art text that are in need of translation for any purposes. On the other hand, FTA translators are volunteers, therefore quality is not guaranteed. One text submitted could turn into many different translation..., or zero.

Curatorial Statement

Frequently heard and agreed upon that contemporary art is a medium and a form of communication. The contemporary art world itself speaks specific dialect(s). One may call it international art english, another could think of other languages. For this upcoming so-called renaissance era of the Thai contemporary art scene, the international art world dialect will of course be spoken, heard, and seen. Are all of us ready for it? Preparing for the biennials, FTA could come in handy, as really a generous translation service, and archive of multi-languages to be spoken, a platform for critiques, or just a failed attempt.

Participating artists

Whoever want to be a translator of any languages, or whoever is in need of [art] translation Pavilion’s curator: Thitipol Panyalimpanun, Pojai Akratanakul

Virtual Venue