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Based out of a newly established gallery off Charoen Krung, featuring work by artists from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Mexico, the UK and USA.

Curatorial Statement:

Bangkok is a state of stable crisis. Sudden change without warning, from all directions, mundane, your favourite noodle shop being knocked down and replaced with wilderness, or profound, regime change. A microcosm of the chaotic, boom and bust behaviour of near infinitely complex systems under stress - the global economic system, the climate.

Either become jaded to it, come to terms with it, leave, or be part of a growing drive towards sustainability, protection of vulnerable communities and places of cultural importance, working together to find new, better ways, or repurpose old methods in equilibrium with each other and the environment.

Artists in contexts such as this often focus their practice on the apocalyptic, in the facile, disaster movie sense, but an apocalypse is more properly an uncovering or a revelation, which leads to the end of the old ways, and the discovery of the new.

Hexality will consist of two elements; a small scale gallery show at Galeria Rosa, exhibiting multi-disciplinary work from six non-native artists, and a larger scale program of found space and mobile location-responsive works in the local area, which will seek to engage our neighbours, in collaboration with the Don Kuson AiR series. http://donkuson.com

CMYK and golden age colours, the singularity, interstices, transference and transience, rebuilding, catharsis
Mercury-vapor lighting, smoke, mirrors, velvet (no entry past the velvet rope)
Small “f” futurist cabaret (in decay, as the decade ends)
The mathematics of mythology and mythological numerology.

Participating Artists:
Anita Bacic - Experiential http://www.anitabacic.com/
Benjamin Pfau - Photography http://benjaminpfau.com/
Christian Hogue - Mixed Reality http://cargocollective.com/lostinspace/
Sarah Azpeitia - Graphic Design/Screenprinting https://www.behance.net/sarahazpeitia
Catherine Ellis - Sound
Dan Burman - Digital https://adaptandclarify.wordpress.com/
Special guests TBC

Pavilion's curator: Dan Burman

Galeria Rosa
Venue Address
402/69 Charoen Krung Soi 57, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120