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A house in Suttisan - Huaikwang area with artist residency program.

Participating Artists  : Michaël Harpin

Pavilion's curator : Maëlys Moreau & Ekarat Tosomboon

Curatorial Statement : No exhibition @ Hong HUB but we have other things

Connecting the dots

In collaboration with with Collectif INIT (Rennes, France) & Speedy_Grandma (Bangkok), Hong HUB is acting as a bridge connecting these two alternative art spaces.

Living between the two cities, we have been asking ourselves these questions : How can artworks exist outside of exhibition ? How can we show artworks without sacralizing the object ? How can serious subjects be addressed in a more enjoyable way ? So we started this idea of creating penpalship between Thai and French artists so they can talk, exchange and show their finished and in process works. At the same time, we try to answer these questions with an outdoor installation in a non-arty district to see how can artwork can find a way to exist with people's everyday life ?

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This program receive the support from Institut Français + Rennes Ville et Métropôle

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Outdoor installation by Michaël Harpin

Honghub Michael Harpin Portrait.jpg

Invited by Hong HUB for the "Baby Steps program" Michaël Harpin comes back to Bangkok to finish his two years commitment project with the residency. After his research stay in 2017, he comes back to the Huaikwang - Sutthisan district to make an permanently evolving outdoor installation.

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Inauguration of Michaël Harpin’s Outdoor Sculpture

10am - 2pm : 4 August 2018

ปากซอยนาจาด เขตห้วยขวาง


To finalize his two step residency program, the French artist Michaël Harpin inaugurates his outdoor sculpture. Let's share a lunch together next to this artwork that will evolve with the passing time.

ศิลปินฝรั่งเศสมิคาแอล อาร์แปง เลี้ยงมื้อเที่ยงฉลองงานศิลปะถาวรที่เขาสร้างขึ้นเพื่อสรุปการมาพำนักที่เมืองไทย

About the artist

Honghub MICHAELPortrait.jpg

Michaël Harpin

Lives and works in Rennes, France

As part of the project "Connecting the dots" by Hong HUB, Michaël Harpin returns to Thailand to finish his 2 years commitment residency program.

Dates of pavilion : From July 2018 - ...

Opening Hours of the Venue/Pavilion : Permanent / Outdoor installation

Venue : Soi Nachad, Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang (MRT Sutthisan)

Blind Dates

Honghub BlindDates Banner.jpg

Blind Dates - คลุมถุงชน

We invite Thai (Bangkok) and French (Rennes) artists to couple up and write e-mails, send photos and videos to each other. Using meetic-like method, the artists just need to sign up and answer some questions then we will match them up with an artist from another continent. Get to know and learn from each other's artistic practices.

The penpalship will be going on for several months and we will organise many surprising events. As the result of these learning processes, we will co-curate an exhibition at la Ferme de Quincé (Rennes, France) in September 2018.

Gifts from France @ Speedy Grandma

Honghub BlindDates Gift poster.jpg

7pm - 10pm : 13 July 2018

Speedy Grandma : https://goo.gl/maps/6YC7HaqcyY52

As part of Blind Dates project, French and Thai artists will materialise their penpalship by exchanging gifts. Michaël Harpin acts as French art ambassador from France that will hand out all the gifts from Rennes (FR) and receives those from Bangkok.

จากการสื่อสารแลกเปลี่ยนทางไกลระหว่างศิลปินไทยกับฝรั่งเศสของโครงการคลุมถุงชน Michaël Harpin จะนำของฝากจากเมืองแรนประเทศฝรั่งเศสมามอบให้ศิลปินไทยที่ร่วมโครงการ และนำของขวัญจากศิลปินกรุงเทพกลับไปฝรั่งเศส

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About Hong HUB


Our goal is to learn from the exchange between people from different creative fields. We are a host, a network centre, and the bridge between many specialisations.

A place where : the journeyer(s) can stay, the host welcomes and gives them some tips. Put away the guide book, the wayfarer should get in touch with the real local culture. It does not really matter what is the objective of the trip, we can always talk and learn from each other.

HungHUB is not a hostel nor are we a “production” residency program. Maybe what is more important than the creation is to learn from being away from the usual environment. More crucial than the creative talent is the mental development born within the sharing of perspectives.


In order to facilitate the learning aspect of our residency, we have decided to transform the artists’ first trip to Bangkok into a discovering experience. No more pre-conceptualized imported projects. No art work producing, just go out and meet people. The project would only be carried out on the year afterward.

The selected artist(s) would need to accept a two years commitment. One learning/research trip and one working trip.

Working space @ Hong HUB

Email (public): hong.hub.bkk@gmail.com

Website: honghubbkk.wordpress.com

Pavilion social media page(s): www.facebook.com/hong.hub.bkk

Instragram : www.instagram.com/honghub

Contact Person: Ekarat Tosomboon (กเลอ)

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