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Once upon a time, a troubled cybernetic being climbs a misty mountain to seek the wisdom of a kungfu master. After 7749 days of meditating under a waterfall, flying through bamboo forests, and chopping bare-hand through stones, the being achieves expanded consciousness, superior circulation between the real and virtual, and deepened connection with the universe.

Curatorial Statement is an ongoing interpretive manuscript of Taoist-informed experimental practices for mind and body cultivation in contemporary times. Collectively written and organically evolving, the manuscript includes a decentralized program of weekly exercises and techniques shared as a community for inspirations of healthy living.

Responding to today's increasingly cybernetic lifestyles, the program includes a variety of benefits, including the improvement of circulation between the real and virtual, fitness of expanded consciousness, deeper understanding of our new bodies, and connection between lives of all kind.

Since ancient times, humans have been developing mind and body techniques to expand their material experience and the potential of consciousness. Since the Enlightenment, such efforts have been predominated by the logic of science and western technology. As computer technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in everyday life, human lifestyles are becoming increasingly cybernetic, and our sense of space, time and existence is rapidly changing. In face in these new living conditions, what are new mind and body practices for the purpose of self-cultivation?

The kind of self-cultivation we explore in this project is marked by an excavation of ancient Taoist wisdom re-embodied with contemporary imagination. The manuscript builds upon, but are not limited to, ontological dualism, cosmic technics, mindful consciousness, and active relationship between heaven, man and nature.


Venue Address:

Dates of pavilion: July - September, 2018

Mind and Body Inner Scripture

Dantian Practice: Xia Lin
Baihui Guide: [[XiaoAoJiangHu.time], Scotty Chang, Taichi Wudang
Inner Ear: Itaru Ouwan

Dantian Practice: Petra Johnson
Baihui Guide: Ebix, Yang Yu Chiao
Inner Ear: Nigel Brown
Game: Conway's Game of Life

Dantian Practice: Fong Han-yu
Baihui Guide: Fong Han-yu, Yi Xian Healthy Group, Liou
Inner Ear: Jin Sangtae

Dantian Practice: IDPW
Baihui Guide: Teng Yung Han, Semi Su
Inner Ear: TEIHAKU Bruce Bo Ding
🙂 🌏 👽 : Voyager Golden Records

Dantian Practice: Son Ni [Sun's Shadow]
Baihui Guide: Chen Chen Yu, Heng, Son Ni
Inner Ear: Sheryl Cheung

Dantian Practice: eteam [We now have mastered the ability to throw stones with empty hands]
Baihui Guide: Jin Chien, OHAU!
Inner Ear: Chun Yin Rainbow Chan & Craig Stubbs-Race

Dantian Practice: Heavy Breathing [HB/AV AUDIO TRACKS]
Baihui Guide: Sharkie Lin, AUSH
Inner Ear: Sound of the Mountain [Amplified trumpet, Propellors, Metal and Air.]
Workshop led by Sheryl Cheung, featuring Harriet Pittard & Anja Borowicz [Internal Motivations]

Dantian Practice

Eteam, Fong Han-yu, Heavy Breathing, IDPW, Petra Johnson, Son Ni, Xia Lin, Zian Chen

Inner Ear

Bruce Bo Ding, Itaru Ouwan, Jin Sangtae, Nigel Brown, Sheryl Cheung, Chun Yin Rainbow Chan & Craig Stubbs-Race, Sound of the Mountain, Workshop led by Sheryl Cheung, featuring Harriet Pittard & Anja Borowicz

Baihui Guide

Chen Chen Yu, Ebix, Heng, Jin Chien, Liou,OHAU!, Scotty Chang, Semi Su, Son Ni, Teng Yung Han, XiaoAoJiangHu.time, Yang Yu Chiao, Yi Xian Healthy Group, Sharkie Lin, AUSH



lololol is a boundless laughter, an endless extension of lol (laugh out loud), an acronym that appears be constructed by the building blocks of computer code. lololol is a hearty release of joy, sarcasm, bitterness, or rage, a playful act of amusement amidst the fast changing states of virtual and real, data and technology, body and mind, without resistance or submission to any singular logic or assumption, to respond to the world subjectively with an evolving vibration that spreads across the seas.