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The House of Flowing Reflections is a Pavillion that will be organised within the walls of Eah Seng, a historical building in the Chinese district of Bangkok. Its first floor consists of a shop busy with its everyday business and activities, but a side entrance will lead visitors to the second and third floors where an exhibition of Thai-French artist Jeanne Penjan Lassus’ works will be displayed. Jeanne Penjan Lassus works with media such as video installation, photography and text installation to create shifts of perception, contemplative states and site-influenced experiences. The exhibition part of the Pavilion will consist of 3 rooms featuring various video installations, bringing the empty concrete walls to life.

On top of this exhibition that will be open to the public for 23 days, a series of events will be held within the Pavilion, such as:

  • A vernissage and a finissage of the Pavilion
  • Screenings of films and video works by emerging artists and filmmakers
  • Performance events with Taiwanese artist I-Shuo Lin, French artist Celia Gondol and Indonesian dancer Agung Gunawan.

For us, the exhibition space brings its own story, influence, ambiance, which mingles and reacts with the artworks. Being able to organise our Pavilion in Eah Seng, a space with such a unique character and history, is a chance to create new dialogues between references, perceptions and experiences. It is not a gallery, a museum nor any kind of art-related space, but one that has lived its own life, served various purposes and helped built the story of the neighbourhood in which it is located. As a place amidst a dynamic community, amidst various other activities (the building’s shop, the highly visited food stand next to the side-entrance), it could perhaps trigger a mix between casual by-passers brought by other aims and the Bangkok art seekers.

Curatorial Statement

The House of Flowing Reflections is an immaterial space and an entity that incarnates once every rare moons. Its ephemeral form is a house of images and sounds, of moving perceptions, threading through different temporalities, integrating local narratives and fragments of larger scales. Layering from the mundane, the imagined and the forgotten, the House of Flowing Reflections is a porous space that infuses with its surroundings and reflects back the unremarked. This year the House of Flowing Reflections will take form in the Eah Seng building. Conceived in the shape of a merchant boat, the Eah Seng building was built following strong Feng Shui principles of energy flow and is the tangible result of a house imagined by an ancestor to navigate through life. In this specific place, the House of Flowing Reflections will be a moving boat navigating and circulating through Chinatown, capturing the reflections in the waters onto its walls: images of its surroundings and beyond, tracing an imaginary journey of fluidity and movement.

Participating Artists

with guest artists:

and guest dancer:

  • Agung Gunawan.

Pavilion's curator: Moom Mong Collective (Palin Ansusinha, Estelle Pandao Lassus, Jeanne Penjan Lassus)


Eah Seng 405 Charoen Krung, Khwaeng Pom Prap, Bangkok 10100

01/09/18 to 23/09/18

From Wednesdays to Sundays 12 am to 5 pm (later for event nights)


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