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Jeff Ross - Artist/Creator/Instigator * Shophouse Art Factory * Abstract Painting / Collage / Screeprint / Photography

The exhibition will be an avalanche of styles, mixing all facets of Jeff's work together in one showroom. This open studio will showcase Jeff's work from the past 4 years while creating in Bangkok. The art on display will change every 2 days between July 18-22.

Jeff Ross - Artist Statement

I am a creator more than an artist. Everything around me is my inspiration. Bits, pieces, snippets, sounds, and feel all contribute as triggers, reactions, ideas, and results. My work comes as a product of where I am and what is at hand at the moment. Changing gears is a constant. I continually work on different types, formats and styles at the same time. Traveling around the world, taking the small roads, and seeking something new is the best source for my mind. Standing still or only making one kind of art is not an option.

I am basically self taught. Whatever I decided to learn, I just made my way through it. What you see in my work filtered through my travels, museum visits, art books, experimentation , trial, error, and reckless abandon.

I can describe my art as Reactionary Abstraction. The work happens without planning, studies, or sketching. What happens is a direct result of what just happened. How the color and paint move, and how my hand moves as a result. Autoscript is what I call the mysterious writing/scribbles. The term asemic has been used also.

Colors balancing with the shapes, and the overall balance in total. The actual motion of creating is what keeps me going forward.

Starting with making flyers for my old punk rock band Blacklist in the early '80's to the Seattle scene in the late'80's and early '90's. To the snowboard industry of the middle '90's. And for 20 years wandering through the self-taught / art brut art world. And now living in Bangkok doing what I feel like…from the basics in the beginning to the basics of today.


Jeff Ross Art Factory

70/4 Soi Sathorn 15, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

Dates : July 12-22

Opening Hours:1pm - 8pm

Contact: 095 350 8207