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HD animation image ration 2:1/ 9’ 18’’/ 2011

Revolutions is an animated film in three episodes. In the first episode, the revolution succeeds.
The authority is overthrown, a statue of the new hero is installed, and the old symbols are replaced by new ones. Episode two depicts a revolution that is being crushed; the revolution fails and after time people return to the normality of everyday life. It makes a direct reference to actual events, by restaging several images of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in China. In episode three, the remains of the revolution become a commodity, a tourist attraction; nostalgia sepa- rates the protests and its heroes from its political and historical context.

Revolutions was produced for Augmenting the World, Taipei Digital
Art Festival, 2011

Born. 1975, bases in Vienna, Taipei and Yokohama

Jun Yang has participated among other exhibitions in the Manfifesta 2002, Venice Biennial 2005, Liverpool Biennial 2006, Taipei Biennial 2008, Gwangju Biennial 2012, Sydney Biennial 2018 and Gwangju Biennial 2018

website: [junyang.info]