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Once upon a time, a troubled cybernetic being climbs a misty mountain to seek the wisdom of a kungfu master. The master sees great potential in the being and after 7749 days of meditating under a waterfall, flying through bamboo forests, and chopping bare-hand through stones, the being achieves expanded consciousness, superior circulation between the real and virtual, and deepened connection with all forms of life.

Curatorial Statement

Since ancient times, humans have been developing mind and body techniques to expand their material experience and the potential of consciousness. Since the Enlightenment, such efforts have been predominated by the logic of science and western technology. As computer technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in everyday life, human lifestyles are becoming all the more cybernetic, and our sense of space, time and existence is rapidly changing. In face of these new living conditions, how can we draw from ancient wisdom to find news ways for self-cultivation? is an evolving manuscript of experimental practices for the mind and body. The program includes a variety of styles and approaches that resonate with Taoist healing principles, such as energy circulation, yin and yang balance, and unity between heaven, earth, and human.

Venue Venue Address: Dates of pavilion July - September, 24 hours/day