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As part of the BANGKOK BIENNIAL 2018 HUMBLE PROJECTS is pleased to host WRITE MANGLER. During the course of the Biennial WRITE MANGLER will will issue public invitations to create, produce, exhibit and distribute graphic artefacts of various kinds.

Curatorial Statement

WRITE MANGLER is an experiment in collaborative picture production. At its heart is a peculiar combination of digital and analogue technologies and processes. Firstly, a playfully hacked internet search engine transforms participant’s queries into sur-rational word-image pairs. Secondly, a simple composition engine transforms these into graphic artefacts of various kinds. And, thirdly, these are then printed using a reconditioned1950’s proofing press and exhibited in Humble Project’s small gallery space. WRITE MANGLER is an invitation both to produce and reflect upon the production of meaning using words and images.

Participating Artists

WRITE MANGLER is an invitation for others to produce and display small visual works. Pavilion's curator: Mat Trusler/ Mat Ranson/ Nigel Power



41/40, Soi Sunthon Phimon, Rong Muang, Pathum Wan Bangkok, Thailand 10330