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Mika Tamori is a Japanese Artist living in Tokyo

New-Territories (bkk) present the Mika Tamori new exclusive piece for the BKK Bienniale with live ROBOT / Opening 7 July - 6PM / tomorrow_n(h)ow _The State of Play&Lab experiments_ 3.0 /

        Mika Tamori 
      robotic artifacts 

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the last semen-pigment gift before a sex reassignment vaginoplasty surgery (SRS)

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                               These upsetting moods, blood, sperm and tears…
                               (Ces humeurs bouleversantes, le sang, le sperme et les larmes…)
                               Jean Genet « Querelle de Brest » 1947

... disphoria / drifting position / for artistic authorship and sexual reassignment_simulatenously / the gender shift and the bachelor machine / human substance as the last “gift” (seminalfluid) before SRS surgery / post-human / AI robotic process as a non-biological procedure to work with ambiguous matter / viscous-[dis]gusting-porn-syngamy_ simulatenously / in parallel the dismissing posture of the artist…

... who delegates to her idiot bachelor machine, a robot, substitute of own hand, perversely adding, as a stipulation for that machine’s existence, that it emancipate itself from the model and bring forth its own disruptive logic, code lines written in the conditional… and the sacrifice of the boy who dares to risk rejecting his own anatomy and undertakes his demasculinization...

The former frees himself from his own authorship to become just a go-between, a transactional operator; the latter frees himself from his “dysphoria” and discomfort by risking the loss or even sacrifice of his climax, in return for the pleasure of becoming, after so long, his inner other.

Both define themselves through a modal shift, moving through and beyond the territories where metaphors are constructed. Reformatting, rebooting their role and status in an environment often ossified by conventions, they stretch the possibles and transgress the laws of gender and genre and their binomial naturalist nomenclature: man/women, social opposition/class racism… they emancipate themselves to define a third sex that transcends expectations and reshuffles the biological deck.

This “third sex” –however you want to define it – is a political, social and cultural construct, unlike anatomical sex and in opposition to the known… It modifies discourse theories pertaining to the speaker and those who feel authorized to speak…

How can we fail to see this “anomaly,” this alterity that will always be Other, the disparate stranger, as analogous to the position/stance of the artist who has no alternative but to upend the format, the viewpoint … and queer the bourgeois structure of correct thinking and acting as we are supposed to act?

Please come to touch the symbolism lack of an imaginary object…questioning creation_pro-creation_post-creation and misunderstanding… in post-human biotopes

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Pavilion new-territories(bkk) content

/ Michael Honeycomb Soon

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1) Human residues of Bangkok _ the last semen-pigment gift before a sex reassignment vaginoplasty surgery (SRS)

2) Robotic ‘AI’ authorship drift (disruptive i-logic)

3) Glitches (for a political construction, social and cultural…modifying theories of discourse and the discourse of the master / desirable machine intersects dysphoria pathology)

4) Experimental sound interlude



450/1 trok saphan yao Chakkrawat, China Town, Bangkok

OPENING 8 July / 3pm-10pm / with live robot performance / + Open to Public 14-15 July / 3-7pm (other days on rendez-vous / newterritories@new-territories.com / Open until 16th of July)

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13°44'20.9"N 100°30'08.9"E



newterritories@new-territories.com / phone: +66 (0)20637700 M4 newt.jpg

Mika Tamori Performance - Video

Last exhibition 2018

  • Cartel / Bangkok / Feb-March 2018
  • Pakupaku / Tokyo / Jan 2018

Next exhibition 2018

  • Echigo Tsumari triennial / Japan / with New-Territories

Previous works [bkk]

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