Modular Aesthetics

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To create a valuable and powerful piece of thing, its structure should be composed of many elements together; we call that single element as “Modular”. Modular ’ s artworks are inspired by the idea that every surrounding things around us for examples plants,living things are ordinary come from the “Primary form” that composed of many small “Modular” in amazing way. As well as approach and vision of the group that there is differences in term of each individual who join the creative arts with the combination of new media. MODULAR AESTHETICS see no boundaries beauty in each media and material types. By express the beauty of those objects and blend with new media in a trial way, in term of Visual Images, Sound , or even Interactive between space, time and human. MODULAR AESTHETICS’ scope focuses on the experiment of Visual Elements and Sound (Audio) in order to search for beauty of diversity components caused by concept or technical processes in both Analog and Digital format, which is blended of exotic and familiar things together to bring out the beauty without adhere to any format, space or traditional art.