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The Neighbourhood Pavilion is a collection of creative works by artists and non-artists in the Charoen Krung and Charoen Nakhon neighbourhoods. The Pavilion will publish a map and suggested walking route that passes local street art, sculpture and installation works as part of a self-guided tour of these vibrant areas.

The free, print version of the map will be available from local venues (TBA) during the Biennial. An online version of the map will also be made available at the time. Check this page for more details in July.

Curatorial Statement

The Neighbourhood Pavilion presents an entire, living neighbourhood as a space to view creative work in situ. The aim of the pavilion is to escort viewers away from the traditional gallery space and instead guide them through one of Bangkok’s most vibrant and historic neighbourhoods to discover the unsung creativity of local residents. Part treasure hunt, part self-guided walking tour, the project explores the notion of ‘creativity’ and how it is perceived, viewed and valued in relation to the visual arts: Is creativity an inherent human trait or a learned skill? Does creativity need to be sellable to be considered valuable? Do native creativity and imported creativity have the same degree of authenticity as representatives of a local area? Who decides what is art and what is not art? Does art have to be made by an 'artist'?

The Neighbourhood Pavilion invites you to wander, discover, and speculate.

Pavilion's curator: Mike Rossi


Charoen Krung / Charoen Nakhon area July - September, All day, everyday