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"The Mystery Shack 999"

duration: Sat 25 August - 16 Sun September

space : JAM

artist :

Anon Chaisansook Jirapat Vatanakuljaras Napat Vatanakuljaras Nucci Lertwongweerachai Poom Nuthong

curator : Nawin Nuthong

"The ‘Shack’ will serve as a portal to other dimensions blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical. The area in which reality and non-reality intersect. Drawing upon speculative past, present and future worlds, in the context of impending post human, cyborg reality that our species is heading.

This is space experiment. A fantasy. Like a haunted mansion you dared your friends to enter as a kid, or an uncle’s house filled with amulets and buffalo skulls or a museum displaying strange curiosities.

Within the shack there will be interactive components and games. Activities will include puzzles, a meditation circle, giving offerings, and a tarot trading card game. Referencing The Mystery Shack in the animated series Gravity Falls, the The Mystery Shack 999 is an extension of the cartoon universe.

There are 3 overlapping components to the The Mystery Shack 999: Spiritual - Exploring the realms science does not comprehend, including the supernatural and paranormal. Matrix - The Mystery Shack 999 will be redefined and reinterpreted by each artist, creating their own overlaying cartology of the space. Preposition - Reconstructing reality by questioning how we interpret seeing, hearing, feeling etc."

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Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 11.14.02 PM.png


all this is curator "first statement" ,need to blend with the team later and also bad english:D


1) Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 10.41.43 PM.png 2) Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 10.42.58 PM.png


"the Mystery shack"(1) in the cartoon serie "Gravity fall"(2) that giving up is just the idea to locate and to create the virtual shack!

That contain the portal, that portal define the door to other dimension also reality and non the centre of those all? far from that the shack belike the gallery or museum in other hand,

but with the object be-living in spiritual and paranormal.

in other hand antiquity seem functional with the concept of form in art discourse ,

call that the romanticise the historic of this that those :D


- more than the form of space that the cartoon represent on but thing is also the genre of supernatural crime suspense /how the cartoon popular in the culture / the taste of combining all west spiritual myth (gnome ,unicorn ,illuminati …etc)

/ the structure of the screenplay that appear the easter eggs in the film that link to all knowunknow of the secrets in the story. > but all that didn’t mean i want to keep the fun and bright aesthetic like a cartoon stroke but the myth of this place that it have created

Lead to gazing and questioning the curatorial atmosphere in the old school haunting house , gypsy hut , antique shop and this mystery shack


From those above idea, we confrontation every artist have their own thought about space from different point some spiritual some matrix data,

the idea is to overlap those layer the call those above context and content

Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 10.47.56 PM.png Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 11.08.35 PM.png

but we have stuck abit , so here this thing come! it a blockage to stop us and think about the possibility of the entire virtual = =3 (dunno it work but we still trying)

Thank you all clap! clap!

Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 11.10.16 PM.png

    • JUST AN EXTRA PIC Screen Shot 2561-06-05 at 11.12.18 PM.png