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Quid Pro Quo: a Pavillion

Quid Pro Quo: a pavilion, will function within Bangkok's Bangrak Bazaar. Utilizing available vacant space a collection of Thai and international artists and art collectives will be invited to create exchanges. The type of exchanges will range from the visual to the participatory.

Curatorial Statement

Charm and necessity battle within Bangkok’s markets. Children are entrusted to strangers, eyebrows are shaped by friends, angry words swapped, lunches bartered, and stories exchanged. The richness in variety of what is passed back and forth shape the nature of each market and experience. The abundance of type and quality of what is offered varies as does the visitors take away. Questioning what the artist ultimately wants from an audience and what an audience wants from an art experience, it is not what is given or received but the exchange itself that is given value. A capitalistic society and commerce inherently provide quid pro quos for better or worse. Within such framework, LIV_ID collective will curate artists and collectives to contribute an exchange in Bangrak Bazaar.

Participating Artists

Pavilion's curator: LIV_ID collective

Participating Artists

Guerrilla Girls


Mich Dulce

Gracelee Lawrence

Rebecca Vickers

Grrrl Gang Manila

Chalida Asawakanjanakit

Peng Janthasorn

Elissa Ecker

Myrtille Tibayrenc

Sareena Sattapon

Kanjana Chonsiri

The Male Gaze

Voice of Baceprot


Bangrak Bazaar

September 1-30th