56thStudio at Soy Sauce Factory

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56thStudio is a creative agency that focuses on telling good stories with no restricted manners or disciplines through creative eyes. Offering new marketing materials that involves creating, curating, distributing and amplifying content that is inspiring to a clearly defined audience group, 56thStudio comprises of three different units that seamlessly merged into one think tank with one solid goal in mind; to tell stories --- good stories that last.

Generating interesting conversations that take place in a real world and share it via both online platform and offline activities, 56thStudio determined to create a positive impact on creative community, be it big or small.

Participating Artists : Gu Gu Lee, Seiko Kato

Pavilion's curator: Saran Yen Panya

Venue: Soy Sauce Factory, 11/1 Charoenkrung 24 Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours of the Venue/Pavilion: 10.00 - 20.00

Email: hello@56thstudio.com

Website: www.56thstudio.com

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