That.. familiar... (chin touching) ..errr ..maybe not :3

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Their will be magical realist political photograph from Rapat , A installation fragment video about intimate family politic from Phatti and the gap between those two

Curatorial Statement

Rapat will go back to photo media , Phatti is Rapat older brother his field is in films ,his past project is a lot base in philosophy of Buddhist believe and narrative and other hand he hold is major politic! //// So far we find that thier both have a sentence of MAJOR! politics ,they two didn't stick in issue by issue but what they two doing is capturing every things to a big series of media.... this time the media seem to talk about transitioning in familiar shape ...(Rub the chin) we still working on that i put this abstract on because it the last date :)

Participating Artists

Rapat Banduvanich , Phatthi Banduvanich

Pavilion's curator: Nawin Nuthong