Thatree Pokawanich

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Thatree Pokawanich ธาตรี โภควนิช

tel. 66-818689489 354/30 Budha-Bucha Rd., Bangmod,Chomthong,Bangkok. 10150

Profile Born 26 August 1969 Chaingmai Thailand.

Education -B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Chulalongkorn University in 1991 Experience

1989 - “The young Painters Exhibition V” National Gallery,

1990 - “The Sun Drawing” Installation Arts in Chula Academic Fair, -Solo Exhibition “Sun Drawing” Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand.

1991 -“Chamchuree Group Exhibition 1st” Bangkok Thailand.

1993 -“Chamchuree Group Exhibition 2nd” Bangkok Thailand, - “Chaingmai Social Installation 2nd” Chaingmai,Thailand,

1994 -“Metaphor and Images” at British Council, Bangkok,Thailland , -”Criical Streem” Art&Environment by The Third World Group,Thammasat University Bangkok.

1995 -“Asian Painting and Photography Award lll” Kuala lumpur Malaysia, -“Chaingmai Social Installation 3 rd” Chaingmai,Thailand.

1996 - Solo Exhibition “Special Price 790.- for Assana Pawana” , Art forum, Pradipat , Bangkok Thailand.

2017 - Participation Art Project#1 Bangmod Bangkok. , - Participation Art Project#2 Thungkru Bangkok, - Participation Art Project#3 Chomthong Bangkok, - Participation Art Project#4 Baan Nongkoaw Klang School, Meahongson. - Co-Founder of 3C Project and Curators of BiCAiC ( Bangmod International Canal Arts Project in Community)