Three Little Pigs

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Three Little Pigs is a postulation on an alternative to the classical narrative where each of the pigs gets consumed by the wolf individually. Located in what was once three houses now combined into one in the Charoenkrung area loomed over by the presence of imminent gentrification, our pavillion envisions an instance where the three pigs do not separate in their differences but assemble because of it. A productive ideological antagonism as a basis for forming a collective, each pig no longer needs to build their own houses of straw or sticks. The brick house of the last pig cannot hold on much longer to a threat far greater than the wolves of old, the pigs now must form an emergency assembly one that questions the very notion of their home and community.

Three Little Pigs is an artist run space dedicated to notions of alternative assemblies. Convening for conversations on collectivity, we are invested in socially engaged projects that dissects pedagogies and alternative knowledge through contemporary art practices.

A space that willingly embraces its slowness. The necessary slowness that comes with getting together, thinking together and working together. The necessary slowness that emerges when working with the community, eating with them and sharing with them. The necessary slowness that is consistent in its continual resilience.

Pavilion's curator: Abhijan Gupta, Nut Srisuwan, Napat Vatanakuljaras, Pongsakorn Yananissorn


Three Little Pigs

19/14 Charoen kung 67, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120