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Parallel Windows is a series of site-specific, mix-media installation exhibited at two pavilions in two different places. One is in Bangkok, Thailand and the other is in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The project investigates the coexistence of reality of the two venues by showing the juxtaposition of time and space. Visitors can perceive their local reality from the pavilion they are visiting whilst simultaneously experiencing the other reality from a live-streamed video from the other pavilion.

Curatorial Statement

Parallel Windows travels through concepts of time, space and reality by embodying two paradoxical realities of the two pavilions located in different parts of the world. The series articulates the relation between the two sets of reality created by clocked time and experienced time. The two pavilions experiment the juxtaposition which perhaps exposes a disparity and an overlap of time. Parallel Windows aligns the coexistence by using two windows. One is an actual window of the pavilion. The other is a simulated window realised by an arrangement of light and reflection. The illusionary window screens a live-streamed video of the other pavilion, showing the coexistence and the collision of the two realities simultaneously. The setting of Parallel Windows gives visitors a cosy, dim and still space where visitors become more aware of themselves whilst gradually ignoring the presence of other visitors. That is to say, visitors become connected with the interwoven zone between the representation and their own experience of the passing time.

Participating Artists

Titirat Skultantimayta and Sornrapat Patharakorn

Tian Titirat Skultantimayta is an artist and a visual narrator. She is interested in impermanence of things and ephemeral states of events, including the flexible perception/interpretation of reality. She mainly utilises sculpture and photography as her media to convey her artistic views and still explores other possibilities of expression. Tian’s works have been exhibited and featured in several publications. For instance, Urban Media Art Kitchen, Public Art Lab Berlin (2018), Overdose (2018), Side Reel (2018), Decided to live full time in a hotel (2016-present) and Filling the void (2015) – awarded as a part of Brandnew 2015 Art Project.  Website:

Sornrapat Patharakorn is an artist, architect, illustrator, and installation designer based in Bangkok. His interests intertwine among architecture, design, photography and philosophy. He has participated in exhibitions and collaborated with organisations such as Side Reel (2018), Very Kind Invention (2017-2018), Decided to live full time in a hotel (2016-present).  Website:

Pavilion's curators: Warittha Kraiwee and Tatjana Bladt-Cohen

Warittha Kraiwee (Honey) is pursuing her Master of Arts & Heritage’s at Maastricht University, with a major in curatorship. She is also an independent curator with ongoing researches on concepts of time and space, light and sound, digital culture and impact of social media on people’s everyday life. Recently, she co-curated works of Nakrob Moonmanas in Coronets exhibition (2018) at Thonglor Art Space, Bangkok. She sometimes gives a talk on the notion and curatorial practice of the immersive exhibition which is her Master thesis. Prior to her study in the Netherlands, Honey was the vice director of the art and cultural department of Alliance Francaise Bangkok (2014-2016) where she has built network amongst Thai and international artists and organisations.  Website:

Tatjana Bladt-Cohen is a creative and doer. She obtained her MA in Arts and Heritage, Maastricht University, last year. Her interests touch upon critical topics including feminism, the refugee and the immigrants. She aims to contribute to a social cohesion in societies. Tanjana recently discussed her researches on feminism in the art world at Space TBC in Amsterdam which she is the founder. Space TBC is a bi-monthly discussion event hosting guest speakers on their specialist topic in a friendly and homely ambiance. She was an intern at Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam (2018) and Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (2016). Currently, she is working as a project assistant manager at Impact Journey, Amsterdam.


Hae Winkel, Maastricht, the Netherlands and a Bangkok venue is to be confirmed

Hae Winkel: Sint Jacobstraat 5, 6211LA Maastricht, Netherlands. Bangkok Venue is to be confirmed

The 17th of July 2018 – the 17th of August 2018

11:30-19:00 for both venues