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Partnership with Speedy Grandma & Hong HUB for the project Connecting the Dots

Pavilion description

INIT is an artists collective that defend to pluricisciplinary and experiental approch. We also encourage all new and emerging art forms.

We invite Thai (Bangkok) and French (Rennes) artists to couple up and write e-mails, send photos and videos to each other. Using meetic-like method, the artists just need to sign up and answer some questions then we will match them up with an artist from another continent. Get to know and learn from each other's artistic practices.

The penpalship will be going on for several months and we will organise many surprising events. As the result of these learning processes, we will co-curate an exhibition at la Ferme de Quincé (Rennes, France) in September 2018.


Diane Grenier, Simon Hervé, Mael Legolvan, Anne-Sophie Convers, Fred Pinaut, Rémi Mort, Vincent Escalle, Coline Charcosset


Ferme de Quincé

Impasse du haut Quincé, 35000 Rennes, France

13 -30 September 2018